Thursday, 19 November 2009

talking to Bob and Dougal

We are talking to Bob and Dougal at the moment - they are on the computer screen. Everything seems to go on much as it was over there. Our old house has been revamped and somebody is now living there - maybe a local family.

It was a lovely house. One of the oldest houses in camp, lots of big old trees round, and we did have a pool although it has gone now.

Audrey and I were out yesterday - it was very windy and a bit wet. We finished our map and then did a couple of return visits. Then two of my sisters dropped in for coffee - they had come down to the front to look at the sea - highest tide of the year combined with strong winds made a dramatic seascape.

This is the week of our Circuit Overseer visit, so we will have his special talk at the Hall tonight, which I am really looking forward to.

He gave us a short talk on Tuesday - some excellent, clear and simple advice for all us out there on the doors with our Bibles.

We now have to put it into practise.

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