Wednesday, 11 November 2009

a dramatic day!

A dramatic day. Linda came over and met us for lunch at the local - excellent roast lamb by the way. The house buying had reached a crucial stage. She had to get the mortgage in place by
4 o' clock or the house would be put back on the market.

She came back for coffee and biscuits and spent a tense afternoon on the phone to brokers, agents, boyfriends, you name it. The Captain took her blood pressure at one point and the tension was showing in the figures.

She may not have been helped by my driving us back from the pub, as Captain B had had a couple of pints. She seems more relaxed when he drives (so am I) - and said something about 'a white-knuckle ride'.

A bit worried I checked with Senor Butterfly and he said i did fine...

Anyway we got back safely which is what counts.

She left, after 4, with the thing still unresolved, but phoned us from the train to say that - subject to survey - the mortgage has been agreed.

A great relief - and just one more hurdle!

They only have two more months in their rented flat so we very much hope it will all go through smoothly and quickly.

I did more some driving - and reversing - in the morning with Audrey, as we did return visits.

One of the ladies I have called back on many times, and how is always very nice, but never has much time, a very busy lady, said that she was going to email me and perhaps we could talk that way! I so much hope she will - and must pray to Jah that she will.

She said that she noticed that we came out in all weathers (it was cold and rainy this morning) - and i am not sure that many people really notice that, or think to wonder why we do.

We have been talking about the Trinity, not something that is on many peoples minds these days.

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