Monday, 16 November 2009

Monday morning

Monday morning is a very different thing when you are retired. I look forward to it now.

My hands are still bad, which I am trying not to worry about.

The buddleia plants arrived while we were away. They had been left in the hall downstairs. We are going to take Bea's to her the next time we visit, and Jacks is calling in for hers this afternoon. They are a new dwarf variety that the Captain found on the net.

We are looking at some photos Joy and Peter sent us - expat life goes on, enjoyably on the whole.

They are great travellers, so maybe we will see them here one day. There was a time in Saudi (before they left) that we were round at Joy's parents house almost every day.

We both had a good day yesterday - The Captain because he had a good find - see his blog - he had his Captain Metal Detector hat on at the time. And me because I finally found the lady who lives near the KH at home. Audrey had asked me to take over the call, but i could never find anyone in. Anyway, I called again yesterday, on the off chance, and there she was. We had a good chat, she took a 'What Does the Bible Really Teach?", and I am planning to call in again next Sunday.

We also had a wonderful talk at the KH. And Maggie wants to work with me on Tuesday and Audrey on Saturday, so I am all booked up. I can remember this time last year feeling a bit depressed, not just about my health, but also about finding my feet in the cong, and wondering if I would ever be brave enough to attempt driving here...

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