Tuesday, 10 November 2009

singing in the rain

We had a quiet weekend. Jacks cooked us dinner on Friday - roast chicken with all the trimmings.

We - my field service group - were in Arundel on Saturday, witnessing near the Cathedral. There are lots of charming (and presumably very expensive) cottages there many with stunning views. I was working with Jean and we had two nice calls.

Col went metal detecting on Sunday, but they were rained off. And so were Audrey and I when went we went out this morning. It was monsooning it down and so we all decided it would be best to do return visits. Audrey and I lasted 30 mins before we were just too wet and cold, so we went back to her place for a coffee.

Lots of driving dilemmas for me, starting with me meeting the dustcart driving in to Audrey's tiny road as I was trying to leave it after picking her up. I had to back up and find a space, which I managed after a fashion and it was able to squeeze past me. Then I had trouble reversing at the Kingdom Hall car park - which was completely empty at the time. Then, as I drove back into Audrey's road to drop her off, there was a gigantic removals van blocking the end. I had to park halfway up and then reverse into someone's dustbin filled drive to get back out again.

But, with a lot of praying, I did it.

I came back via the supermarket so I wouldnt have to go out again.

Its still raining and I can hardly see where sea end and sky begins.

Everything looks wonderfully, miraculously green.

Captain B is busy looking for balcony plants on the internet. He wants us to have a buddlia (spelling?) - the butterfly bush!

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