Saturday, 22 August 2009

To the North

We are now up in my Northern hometown - north of Watford. We arrived yesterday. The Captain still hobbling painfully around on his walking stick. We hope to visit Hull and York before we go back down South.
I just talked to the lovely West Indian lady who knocked at my door all those years ago with her Bible and her Watchtower and began a Bible study with me. She is old and very sick now and has just lost two members of her family. But she was out on the doors preaching this morning!
I hope i am going to let that be an inspiration for me.
And I hope to see her and all the local family at the Kingdom Hall tomorrow. In the meantime we are sitting out in the bungalow garden - an oasis in the city - with Ollie the dog, innumerable squirrels and two sulky cats (who loathe Ollie as he chases them - he is a rescue dog of many breeds but one of them is certainly terrier). It is a beautiful August afternoon with a touch of Autumn. If I still wrote poems, I would write one now.

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