Tuesday, 11 August 2009

a catch up

The last few days... the Thai branch of the family came and went - apparently very much enjoying his new life in Thailand, so I don't know when we shall see him again. Audrey and I have been out on the doors. And last night i cooked the beans from Bea's garden, which we had with a quiche.

Jacks and Julian came round to help us eat the smoked salmon and maple syrup biscuits left by the Canadian branch when it visited. The smoked salmon quite different from the English version - nicer in fact. But it was proper wild Sockeye salmon.

I do think though that it will be wonderful when Paradise is restored and we no longer kill and eat the animal creation.

We will return to the world of Eden.

We are all off to London tomorrow to the pre-Raphaelites at the Royal Academy. The Captain, Jacks and I will meet Bea and Amy in London - at the cheese shop.

Pen, No.2 sister, has been on to me about getting on with the poetry book we are supposed to be producing with me editing - so I do intend to get on with that.

I might put a poem or two into my blog, I don't know.

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