Monday, 17 August 2009

Thoughts on a Monday morning

Its a grey old morning too. The Channel outside the window very calm. Bea left yesterday. We have a quiet day ahead of us and the hospital visit tomorrow.
The poor wounded Captain is still having to spend the night in an armchair in the lounge, and can't walk very well.
Janie emailed and rang yesterday - and we had a long talk.
She and her family moved in next door to us when we were both 12. And now we are both pensioners, discussing the joys of having our free bus passes.
How did that happen?
Her sad news was that her brother Robbie - younger than both of us - died this year.
I hope he will remain sleeping safe in 'the everlasting arm' until the time comes for the dead to wake up.
I remember him as a Just William little boy - always tearing about, always in trouble.
It is going to be like this from now on - the older i get the more I feel the force of the Biblical warning that, for the moment 'death reigns as king over us'. Its sad and frightening to feel it working away inside me, as, slowly but surely, bits start to fail.
But not for too much longer as the Rider on the white horse of Revelation has begun his ride - and under his rule 'death will be no more'.
God will wipe out every tear from our eyes then, and we will be able to enjoy this beautiful beautiful world as He always intended we should, with life 'to time indefinite' before us.
This is what we are longing to be able to tell people, as we go door to door with our Bibles and our Watchtower magazines.

I thought I would add a little poem by William Allingham, describing a glimpse of Paradise that stayed with him.

Four ducks on a pond
by William Allingham

Four ducks on a pond
A grass-bank beyond
A blue sky of spring
White clouds on the wing
What a little thing
To remember for years -
To remember with tears!

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