Saturday 22 May 2021


My third book "Disraeli Hall" now has its Amazon page!

The official launch is August 28th.

It is a mystery - there is a suspicious death which I solve - and I hope it is both frightening and funny.  It started as a book about the two houses of my childhood; my parents' house which was on a road named after a British Prime Minister (not Disraeli), and my Granny's rambling old cottage and garden, the family home of my mother and her brothers.   The book turned out differently from what I was expecting, but some aspects of both homes remain.

I very much wanted it to be called "A Present from Betelgeuse", but as it is not SciFi - nor even magic realism, or fantasy - I really couldn't.  It is fiction though, and I hope it is a good read.  

Wednesday was the Zoom meeting then I spent the morning in another Zoom group catching up with my friend Jen.  And Thursday was the family Zoom meeting Yorkshire - to Oz - to South Coast England. Though actually we meet in Team - so are we Teaming rather than Zooming?  We got glimpses of grandchildren which is always nice.

Young Sami, eldest of my parents' granddaughters, is finished her third year at Uni.  The youngest has only just started preschool.

More Zooming yesterday - congregation meeting  for field service - and also more medical matters. My two yearly eye check - an hour, not made any easier by my forgetting my hearing aids...

Poor Captain Butterfly.  I am getting to be a full time job.  However, I must have carelessly left a window open as he flew off, metal detector in hand, at some unearthly hour this morning, so I had plenty of time go get ready for the Saturday morning field service group - the long one, n which I made my first one-tooth-down appearance (and all the horses stampeded).  I finished up my letters for this week, and got some new territory to work in.

The brother taking the field service group offered us this Scriptures as a good centre point for one of our letters:   It's at Jeremiah 29:11, which says:  “’For I well know the thoughts that I am thinking toward you’ declares Jehovah, ‘thoughts of peace, and not of calamity, to give you a future and a hope.’”

And I was glad to note that i am already using it in one of my letters. It is so reassuring in a world system that is offering us no real future and no real hope.

And to get back to "Disraeli Hall", it ends on a really positive note, which I don't think my other books do.  Is it the effect of all this lovely teaching, the hopes for such happiness that the Bible holds out to every one of us that is finding its way into my fiction?

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