Tuesday, 3 August 2021

A Flare Up, Left Foot

 I have been laid low for a couple of days by a violent flare up in my left foot - it was agony to even touch it to the ground.  The severe pain faded during Monday, thank Goodness, but it has left me feeling tired and washed out.  And Tuesday finds me still tired and washed out.  Captain Butterfly is in the kitchen even now making the soup for our lunch.  He usually makes breakfast, flying the coffee machine, and I get lunch and supper. But I am having to rest my foot as much as possible.  I hovered anxiously for a while, back seat driving ("Mind that pedestrian Richard!") , till I was firmly expelled from the kitchen.  

This morning was the short Field Service Zoom meeting, followed by a sibling get together (in Team).  Last week Nute and Pen were here with me; today we are all back in our respective homes, but still able to see each other and talk.  Young Harry appeared briefly to say Hello.

We are enjoying watching the Olympics together, usually in the morning, having recorded it overnight.  I find myself wondering what will happen when the earth is paradise again. There will be no separate nations, so no nationalism.  We will all be one family - united in love for our Creator and each other.  But maybe we will compete athletically...?  Or perhaps there will be so many wonderful things to do that we won't have any time for that.   In the meantime, of course, how much better for nations to compete at the Olympics instead of going to war.

Friday, 30 July 2021


Captain and Mrs Butterfly


Two little girls


The seaside

Captain Butterfly said

Come and see all the moths on the balcony

The little girls said:

Can we have a chocolate biscuit please?

Mrs Captain Butterfly said

 "Yes". and when she was


The Fridge (where the choccie biccies are kept)

Two little girls said

Can we have two chocolate biscuits each please?

Mrs Captain B said (feebly)

Yes, OK.

And the consequence was:

She proved she would have been the "anything for peace" kind of of parent (and we got through rather a lot of chocolate biscuits).

We introduced two of the youngest of my parents great-grandchildren to the joys of the paper and pencil game Consequences.  It was a great success.  (I think they were already well aware of the joys of chocolate biscuits.)

The ants are back, and the weather has been hot and thunderstormy.  Today, it rained heavily all morning, and I attended the Brighton Convention - Saturday morning session - online - so I am ready for the afternoon session which we will have on Sunday.

It will include the first part of the Daniel drama, which I am looking forward to.  Daniel is an amazing book, and contains the 70 weeks prophecy which not only told the Jews the exact year the Messiah would appear, but warned them what would happen afterwards - Daniel 9:24-27

Here is a trailer:  https://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/conventions/feature-bible-drama-trailer-daniel/

And you can find all the Convention Sessions on this link: https://www.jw.org/en/library/videos/#en/categories/2021Convention

The family visitors left on Wednesday and Thursday respectively and are all safely home, thank Goodness.  It was so lovely to see them.  We also discovered a very good Indian takeaway while they were here.

Sad news about Doris the rescue dog though.  We know she is not young, but don't know how old she is.  And now she does not have long.  Nute is going to spoil her with lots of treats and won't go away again until its over.

Monday, 26 July 2021

My Recording - Disraeli Hall

My reading of the first chapter of Disraeli Hall is done and dusted and with my young publisher, through the wonders of technology - and it has been pronounced OK.

Lesson learnt?  If I write another novel, I will make the first chapter very short.

The Press Release is almost written, with all 3 of us struggling over it - but it still needs some work.  Its surprisingly difficult.  So far it suggests suspense and scare, which I hope it has. But D.Hall is also quite funny. I am hoping it will make my readers laugh as well.  And I haven't yet found a way to convey that.  Or is it better not conveyed?  Perhaps it could (hopefully) be a nice surprise?

Well, more work today.  Plus the Waitrose Order to do.

It is still very close - very humid - and there were thunderstorms and flooding in the South last night.  Apparently parts of the London Underground flooded!  We seem to have had our rain yesterday, minus the thunder and lightning.

The weather is strange the world over, and as for the "increasing of lawlessness" worldwide, I hardly know where to start.  A young girl was raped in broad daylight while she was in the sea here on the South Coast, while both sea and beach were crowded.  I have never heard of nor imagined such a thing happening before. The attacker has not been caught.  And a South African fb friend has been posting about the troubles there, the rioting and looting, and is desperate to get to a more peaceful country.

The thing is though that the current wicked system of things on the earth is going to be destroyed as completely as the wicked society of Noah's day was.  And Jesus himself compared the days we are living in now to the days of Noah, which too was a time the earth became filled with violence. 

  • "For just as the days of Noah were, so the presence of the Son of man will be. For as they were in those days before the Flood, eating and drinking, men marrying and women being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and they took no note until the Flood came and swept them all away, so the presence of the Son of man will be." - Matthew 24:37-39

  •  Jehovah acted then.  He will act now. And this time it will be a lasting deliverance.  Please please take note.

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Baking Banana Bread at Disraeli Hall (or A Shameless Plug)

That hastily baked banana bread came in very useful over the last two days of family visits - and is nearly all gone.  I see another baking session coming up.  The Captain left this morning on his treasure hunt, early, having left me my breakfast coffee and oats all prepared and havlng left the kitchen spotless!  He is a gem.  Oh, and plus he spent time on both beach and playground  yesterday with two of the youngest of the granddaughters, along with another uncle. They were thrilled with both uncle and great uncle.

The eldest of the grandchildren - our great niece - has just graduated from Newcastle Uni. Congratulations Sam!   And how it takes me back to the young me and Captain B who were students there too - once - in the dim and distant past - a past that sometimes seems like only yesterday and sometimes like another life.

There was a violent thunderstorm last night, rolling round and round. We got the edges of the downpour, which everything needed.  Hopefully there has been no flooding but some is forecast.

And I got such an encouraging letter today from a sister in the congregation saying how much she loved "Waiting for Gordo" - and that she is lending her copy to family and friends.   She says, in part: 

"I thought your book was great Sue.  Very readable and really had me wondering right to the end."

What writer could ask for more.   I have only one reader so far for Disraeli Hall as its not published until August. But I got an early large print copy for Jean as her eyes are so bad now. She says she loved it and it also impelled her to research Benjamin Disraeli himself. She now knows more about him than I do.  

And my sister also encouraged me by reminding me that when we look at the increasing disasters in the world - the strange weather for example - we can remember Jehovah's promise, that he will "bring to ruin those ruining the earth".  This was written down in the Book of Revelation, so two thousand years ago. And back then would anyone have believed we could ruin a whole planet, let alone the only one we have to live on?   But nowadays... ?

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

TEETH - The Return!!!!

Or rather the teeth are not returning - not in a hurry anyway - which is where the horror lies - not until September, my dentist informs me.  He does not want to disturb the implants by fitting any more temporaries.   So I will be able to go on terrorising people with my smile for some weeks yet.   Oh dear oh dear oh dear.  It is a HOT HOT day (Monday, as I started this blog.)  And its still hot on Tuesday though today there is a welcome breeze, the balcony curtains are billowing even as I type.  We had our sibling get-together on Zoom.

And it is HOT again on Wednesday as I type this.

I was interested to note this on Julie Burchill's fb site: 

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins echoes this assessment, noting the “machine code of the genes is uncannily computer-like.” In a recent tweet, he confessed to being knocked “sideways with wonder at the miniaturized intricacy of the data-processing machinery in the living cell.” 

The presence of information in even the simplest living cells suggests that intelligent design played a role in life’s origin. After all, we know computer programs come from programmers and information generally — in a book or newspaper, for example — always arises from an intelligent source. 


Yes.  We see the creation all round us - and to look up into a clear sky at night is to be dizzied by its unimaginable immensity. But we are also learning more and more about the complexity of even the "simplest" of organisms.  Isn't it telling us of its Grand Creator, Jehovah, the God of Abraham?

Here is an article from our website that I hope you will find interesting:


Monday, 19 July 2021

You should see the other guy!

On Friday, my second temporary tooth fell out, so I now have no front teeth...  like an ageing prize fighter. I have an emergency appointment at the Dentist today - but what will happen I don't know.  I am due, hopefully, for the permanents, the implants, mid-August.  I did not appear on video at the field service meeting on Saturday. I was represented by a lovely blue butterfly on a yellow flower.  The photo was taken, of course, by Captain Butterfly.

I am hoping the dentist can at least fit me up with a simalcrum before the family starts to arrive, or I will be a very silent host.

And talking of the Captain, he was at home all day Saturday - not out metal-detecting.  He had spent Friday, which was a very hot day, marshalling a school walk - earning money for SUSSAR, as they have to finance themselves.   https://www.sussar.org.uk/   He was back to his treasure hunting routine yesterday though.   And it was so HOT - a very hot and sunny weekend.  People were flocking to Beach and Green.

I managed my  balcony time, but otherwise stayed out of the sun.

It is apparently FREEDOM DAY today, and the lockdown sort of comes to an end.  I am not sure exactly what this means, but I suspect the dentist will still require masks in the Waiting Room. And also, given that Covid cases are rising again, it probably means that the vulnerable, like myself, need to continue to be careful.

On Saturday, we went through our notes from the Friday sessions of the Powerful By Faith Convention we had watched on the previous Sundays, and talked about what we had learned.  Well, mumbled about what we had learned, in my case.

For me the item in the Friday afternoon Symposium about the stars - the reminder of the vastness of the universe, and how, even so, Jehovah knows every star by name - helped to strengthen our faith in the resurrection.  We can be sure that Jehovah can keep the dead safe in his memory, every hair of their heads numbered, as Jesus said.  So I shall end my blog with these lovely words from Isaiah - and please note the expression "vast dynamic energy".  Think of the energy needed to create and sustain the universe. Isn't it beyond our comprehension?  And doesn't science now tell us that matter comes from energy?

 “Lift up your eyes to heaven and see.

Who has created these things?+

It is the One who brings out their army by number;

He calls them all by name.+

Because of his vast dynamic energy and his awe-inspiring power,+

Not one of them is missing."

Isaiah 40:26

Thursday, 15 July 2021

A Publication Date for DISRAELI HALL

There is an article in today's online Mail about The Men Who Will Never Live with Women Again - apparently in answer to a previous article, called (at a guess) The Women Who Will Never Live with Men Again.

Various men tell us how lovely it is to be free - divorced, or unmarried - extolling the joy of single life and of not being bossed about. But who is this mysterious Captain B of West Sussex telling us that chance would be a fine thing?

Apparently there are more people living happily as singletons than ever before...  which is perhaps not too surprising when the Inspired Scriptures tell us that we are in a continuing fall from a perfect state, and that the original harmony between the man the woman, the perfect partnership, was lost too.

But if we listen to our Creator, Jehovah, now, we can start learning how to live in harmony again.  And, by the end of the Thousand Years, the whole earth will be a paradise of perfect peace.  Then our real lives will begin.   And I doubt we can imagine just how much joy is in store.

I can't think of what we have been doing.  It is very hot today after some rainy days and we have loads of moths flying about everywhere. There has been serious flooding in places, including in Germany. 

The balcony nemesias continue to flourish along with the geraniums  I hope they will stay at their scented best for our family visitors, who are, in theory, coming down next week.

I have heard from my publisher and my new book DISRAELI HALL will be published on the 28th of August - by Fantastic Books of Hull.  But i now have to do a recorded reading of my first chapter, which should be interesting as I lisp my way through it with my front tooth still missing...