Tuesday, 15 April 2014

There She Blows!

It was a lovely evening last night. Col drove Jackie and me to the Hall and Maggie saved us seats.  It is always very full on the night of the Memorial. David gave a talk straight from the heart, the bread and the wine were passed round (though we have nobody now in our congregation who takes it), and I was able to hold Col's hand during the prayer.

We looked for the full moon in the sky as we left the Hall - and there it was.  And Jesus would have seen it shining over Jerusalem, on the 14th day of Nisan in the first century C.E.

I managed to arrive without my Songbook!  But at least I know the words to the two songs we used, so was able to screech along off-key as usual.  I am hoping that if and when I am perfect again - and I am pinning my hopes on the ransom sacrifice which we were commemorating - I will have a lovely singing voice.

"A miracle indeed," Captain Butterfly would be saying if he were not hurtling about preparing for a field trip.   A swallowtail has been sighted in Hampshire, a cry of "There she blows" has been echoing round the Butterfly world, and he has left, with a quick goodbye kiss, as I type this, at 7.15 in the morning.   How great that they all rush out to photograph butterflies now, and not to harpoon them, and pin them in boxes.

And how fortunate that the pain in my knee woke me up at 2.30 and I had to get up to have tea, toast and a painkiller, as I took the opportunity to make his packed lunch (cheese sandwich, marmalade muffin), so it was ready to be grabbed as he flew past the fridge.

Every cloud can have a silver lining.  I would skip about Pollyanna fashion except that the Knew Knees, rather sensibly, don't allow for such capering.

Anyway, it was good to be back at the Hall after 6 weeks away and see everyone, including the newest addition to our Congregation family, tiny little 3 week old Lauren, who was as good as gold throughout.

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