Thursday, 24 April 2014

Off-line over Ishtar (Easter)

Our new internet system - BT - failed almost as soon as it was installed and we have been off-line over the Bank Holiday - until about 30 minutes ago in fact.  Not happy - but I suppose least said, soonest mended. And I am so glad to have it back.  I will now be able to email the new membership figures to the Butterfly Board, and also to email some more stories to my publisher, as he has requested.  And how I love saying "my publisher"!

We - himself, Jackie and me - did a walk in the bluebell woods on Saturday morning.  I managed a 15 minute hobble on my stick - my longest walk for ages, apart from some of those immense treks through various hospitals (designed, I presume, to cull the weakest among the patients).  It was beautiful, and I hope that a picture will appear now the the Captain and I have grabbed our blogs back from the void.

My knee has swollen up though, and has been extra painful since - a warning that I am going to have to take this slowly,

We had supper at Jacks on Friday - lasagne, a cheeseboard, and a hot fruit pie with yoghurt.  All excellent, and a fun night as it always is with Jacks.  She also gave us tea after our walk.  Col took me to the meeting on Sunday, and I was able to have a heart to heart with my sister Jackie, who is also having a lot of problems with her walking.    We had a visiting speaker - on the subject of Satan, who he is, why he is, what he is trying to do, and the coming rescue from "the god of this system of things" (as Satan is described).  And why anyone should doubt the Bible's warning that the whole world lies in the power of "the father of the lie" I do not know.
Did the butterfly paperwork today - not too much, thank goodness, as I feel very tired.  I walked - my first walk on my own - over to Bob's yesterday - he lives in the next block of flats. I wanted to take him the April Watchtower and Awake, but he wasn't at home. I felt like I had climbed Everest when I got back.

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