Thursday, 24 April 2014


To the Bluebell Woods with Jackie and the Captain.  They are a little bit of paradise, and this was my longest walk for over year.  I am in quite a lot of pain now, and hope I haven't crippled myself.   Jacks cooked us supper last night - lasagne, salad, cheeseboard and fruit pie with yoghurt.  A lovely evening, as it always is.

She gave us a cup of tea after our walk and then we came back and watched an old James Bond on our new TV Box thingy, which was installed on Thursday. We haven't got it working properly as yet, but hopefully it will work in time. Whether I will ever be able to work it out is another matter.  The poor giant sardine that was chasing JB round a wreck - I think it got blown up or something (I went back to my book at that point).  I dropped back in later to find JB and the heroine leaping off a cliff, into the sea. Poor horse - especially if the giant sardine had survived a la James himself, and was waiting hungrily for it.

The Loch Ness monster has, apparently, been spotted again. But what tragically has not been spotted is any sign of the missing Malaysian plane. And I think they are probably giving up now. The black box will have stopped working as I understand it.

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