Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Memorial of Jesus' Death

The Memorial, or the Lord's Evening Meal, will be held at your local Kingdom Hall on Monday the 14th April - after sunset. Here on the South Coast of England, it will begin at 7.30. Captain Butterfly will be there with me, if all goes as planned.

You are most welcome to attend. There will be a prayer to begin and end, a song, a short talk about the meaning of the ransom sacrifice, and the bread and wine will be passed round. There are not many who take it these days - but its always passed round.

I listened in to the meeting on the phone lines this morning, and in the afternoon I did the Butterfly memberships, which arrived yesterday.   I will have to report to the Board that we have lost more members than we gained this month.  What was it the Romans did to the bearers of bad news?   Let's hope it was something kind and lovely.  We had a fun evening at Jackie's - roast chicken dinner, followed by a cheeseboard and ice-cream.   So nice to have her back.

The Captain has brought back some wonderful duckling photos.    Its been a bit of a cold grey day here and I am still feeling rather down and depressed.   And this cramp in my leg still bothers me, though not as much as it did.  There are times when I wish I had never embarked on these Knew Knees, but hopefully if I am blogging six months from now, I will be feeling much happier about it all.

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