Sunday, 13 April 2014

Jackie says...

... that I am looking a lot better than when she last saw me.  So that was comforting.  And my chicken dish turned out well, which was a relief.  The cake?  Not so well, but I think it will be OK as a a sturdy packed lunch cake. And as Captain B had shot and killed a punnet of strawberries we had those with ice-cream for afters.

A lovely evening as it always is with Jacks.

Its grey and cold this morning.  His Captainship is going off treasure hunting - his sandwiches are ready, with a piece of the latest cake.  So I hope he won't put his back out lifting it.  And I hope he brings back a hoard or two...   I might think about travel again if we could fly first class.

Though how am I ever to get through airport security with these metal knees?  And I can't go without them.

I plan to be listening in to the meeting on the phone line this morning. We have a lovely Watchtower article today. Its about Jesus as the Rider on the white horse (of the book of Revelation), riding out to complete his conquest. Very reassuring, especially in light of the news.

Talking of news, still nothing definite about the missing Malaysian plane, although they have been saying for some time that they are picking up what sound like signals from a black box somewhere in the Indian Ocean. The families torment goes on, but I think they have been told to be quiet about it.

Bea rang - and Jean, who has collected my magazines for me and is bringing them over this afternoon for a cup of tea and a chat.

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