Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The wildlife of the South Coast rainforests

Still have my cold, still not doing much.  While I did get to the meeting on Sunday, I have done very little else.

We, in the worldwide congregations, are coming to the end of a verse by verse study of the Book of Acts, and are soon to start on a study of Jeremiah.   And, after studying how valiant Paul and those earliest Christians were, you wouldn't think that I would have been deterred from a garden gate this morning by a giant spider and its web.  

But I was!  Shame on me.  We put it down as a not home (NH), so someone else will call.  Perhaps there should be a SAH symbol (Spider At Home) so that whichever of my siblings who returns can be one not scared of spiders.

But we did have a lovely morning - much more interest that I have found for some time.  So I hope that I will be forgiven Spidergate.

I feel so tired though. This cold won't go.

Its been wet and foggy here - the Channel disappearing into a grey-white mist. Not cold yet, though apparently it will be at the weekend.    Col found and caught an escaped budgie and rushed it down to the vets clinic.  Budgies can and do live wild on the South Coast, but if this is one that had only just escaped it may not have survived the weekend out. Snow is forecast for parts of the UK!

The ungrateful little brute gave him a severe pecking.

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