Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday begins with a splendid sunrise

Another Monday begins, and I am grateful for every single one of them.    Monday is different in retirement, after a busy weekend I look on it as a rest day.  It used to be a horror of  a day in school term time.  And not all that pleasant in my working years.   But now it is redeeming itself wonderfully.

Jacks was round on Saturday night and we tested out the Abel & Cole steak and ale pie. Very good, will be ordering more.  A simple meal too, I just made veggies and a cauliflower cheese to go with it, and we had some exotic ice-creams from Waitrose afterwards.  May I recommend their lime and coconut ice-cream, combined with their mango sorbet.  (They are not paying me for this, neither is Abel & Cole. If only!)

Yesterday was the meeting, which was excellent as always.  And in the afternoon we made a difficult phone call to friends, one of whom has just been diagnosed with cancer.  We hope to see them for lunch soon, IF the chemo permits such outings.  It doesn't at the moment.

When people wonder if they will be bored in retirement, one thing they don't factor in is the amount of time that will be taken up with doctors visits, hospital visits, blood tests visits, collecting medications visits...  I didn't.   I don't know what Adam and Eve were thinking of when they ate that fruit!

It seems that Eve had been persuaded to "look for the goddess within".  Of course, she found no such thing, except perhaps a goddess complex that she has passed on to us, her daughters.   However, I am hoping to be here, on the earth, in perfect health - something I, a daughter of Eve, have never know - "to time indefinite".  I hope to see unnumbered Autumns.

They also don't factor in that life gets more interesting and more wonderful the older you get - so far, anyway...   But I have been housebound a lot over the last year and have never, yet, been bored.  For one thing, I have one of Jehovah's grand creations - the English Channel - right outside my window.  Always changing, always beautiful. And no sunrise and no sunset, no sky, is the same as any other, or ever will be.

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