Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bonfire Morning

If I were a great painter, I would be producing a series of paintings of this morning.  If I were Bea, I would be doing it in glowing silks. As it is, I will have to try to paint it in words.

I got up very early.  There was a blanket of black cloud above us, seeming to touch the tops of the terraced houses.  And there was a curly bank of cloud on the horizon like low hills. Between the cloud and the cloud was an area of pale pale blue sky with a tiny bit of pink as the sun started to burn below the horizon. And the bonfire still burned on the dark Green, sending up smokelike clouds.   Then the sky got redder and redder and the colour began to edge the clouds and reflect off them.  And flocks of seagulls were soaring in the gap - attracted by the warmth of the bonfire - and probably breakfast, as I expect there will be lots of fast food bits and bobs lying on the Green, as they haven't yet cleared up.

Everything is now a light bright pink.

What a beautiful beautiful world Jehovah made for us. And how grateful I am that He will not let us ruin it.

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