Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Another memorial

It was the Memorial service for Irene this afternoon.  I gave Audrey a lift there and back.  A lovely talk, about her many years of loyal service to Jehovah - and we sang "Keep Your Eyes on the Prize" at the end, which reduced poor Maggie to tears, as it makes her think of Don, her husband.

Maggie and I plan to do her route calls tomorrow morning.

Its been a wet and windy day here with big seas and high tides. The waves were so big in the morning I expected them to come spilling over the Green.  I would have loved to walk along the beach, but I can't.

Audrey and I managed just half an hour on the work on Tuesday, though it took us well over an hour by the time we got there and back as we had a problem finding the territory.

My knees are very painful.  Steve asked if I could come on the study tomorrow morning, but I just can't tackle stairs yet - ever again?!  I hope our lift here doesn't break down again.

We must shop at some stage tomorrow, as I have just about used up everything. The apples Col picked have been turned into a giant apple crumble, and all the veggies have gone into a leftover vegetable soup.

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