Sunday, 10 January 2010

a quiet weekend

A quiet weekend. Our field service and meeting at the Kingdom Hall was cancelled as it is so icy underfoot and on the side roads. Although so far we haven't had this extra snow that the rest of the country seem to have got.
We shopped on Saturday morning and restocked our kitchen. Captain B went for a walk both days and did some metal detecting, and I studied, cooked, did the usual housework and tried to make a start on catching up on letters and emails.
The highlight of our weekend has been watching the Darts on the telly.
I tried to ring Anne today but she wasn't around so left a message. We spoke to Jacks who was hoping to get over to Chichester Theatre, and there have been a flurry of emails in the cousins groups as we all update each other on the weather conditions. The Oz Branch of the family reports that it is very hot.

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