Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A chauffer driven morning...

Luxury this morning, as Captain Butterfly, who is worried about my ability to drive in ice and snow (I have never done so, as there wasn't any such driving in Saudi Arabia) very nobly offered his driving services for me and Miss Audrey this morning. He took us off and about. We did only manage 35 mins on the doors as it was very cold, but we both managed to deliver some of the January Watchtower and Awake magazines, and we also took Audrey to the bank.

We then took Miss A home and went and shopped ourselves.

It is supposed to snow tonight and we had rather not have to go out tomorrow if possible.

Although, in theory, Kaya is coming for me tomorrow at 11.30 and we are hoping to do an hour of return visits.

We will just have to see how the weather goes.

Nick and Linda came round yesterday - and we had a Thai takeaway in the evening. They have still not exchanged on the house - problems with the garage.

We lunched off the remainders of the Thai takeaway, with a nursery pudding of jelly and yoghurt afterwards.

I am probably going to sleep now. This cold has exhausted me.

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