Monday, 18 January 2010


Woke up to a misty morning - sea fret all round. The Captain just rushed out onto the balcony to take some photos as there was a moment when the sun began to shine through from the West and bits of blue sky began to appear at the top of the heavenly screen.

I followed him onto the balcony and heard the roar of the waves and realised that somewhere out there in the mists was a stormy sea.

But the fret has come back stronger than ever. Now we can hardly see the Green, let alone the Channel, which disappeared this morning.

What an amazing world it is. Never the same from one day to the next.

It was my trip to see the Arthritis lady this morning. She also diagnosed my mysterious lack of balance, but I have forgotten what she said it was. Its a condition called Something Something Something, and i may have it for 6 months!

I have medicine in case the nausea gets worse.

She was very amused by the cutting short of my new found gym career as I would hardly dare to go on any machine that requires balance at the moment. But she thinks it a good idea, once I can balance properly again.

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