Sunday, 24 January 2010

A January weekend

What were the highlights of our weekend... think think... a whirring sound as of two brain cells colliding in the middle of a vast empty space...

Jackie invited us over for a lovely pork roast on Friday night and we had a good talk about the recent horrible letter she was sent. People are getting nastier and nastier - well some of them. Not all, thank goodness.

Col very kindly agreed to act as chauffeur so I could do my return visits in our local Cathedral Town. No-one was at home, except the lady who lives in the lovely close in the shadow of the Cathedral. She sent her husband to the door to tell me she wasn't interested.

Its sad as I had asked her what she was praying for when she asked for God's Kingdom to come. She didn't know, and seemed ready to discuss it. And she had accepted some literature.

We then had a browse in the splendid second hand bookshop at the bottom of the hill - and i found two Barbara Pym's. I am trying to rebuild my Pym collection. And we treated ourself and did our shopping at the butcher and the deli opposite. And we popped in to a couple of Charity Shop. They can get quite upmarket donations round there.

I roasted the lamb today and very nice it was too.

Today Captain Butterfly metal detected with his flock, and brought back a Roman coin. It will probably appear on his blog.

I went to the meeting at the Kingdom Hall - wonderful as ever, but as always a reminder of how much of a struggle i need to put up to even come close to putting on 'the new personality'.

They are stressing love so much.

Got an emergency call from Audrey this morning. Her usual driver is sick - lots of colds in the cong at the moment. Could i pick her up? So I left much earlier than usual and collected her and we were first into the Hall carpark!

The point being that it fills up very quickly and don't usually manage to park on the same road, let alone the car park. So I hope its another driving landmark - as i have never driven into the Hall car park on a meeting night before - too scared in case its full - and i have do some amazing things backwards to get out again.

I called in on another lady who I have talked to and placed a 'What Does the Bible Really Teach?' with. But yet again, she was out. Her husband was in and seemed quite keen to chat, but i felt awkward being on my own, so didn't stay.

There was a feeling of the coming Spring in the air.

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