Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Sparkling Apprentice

Last night's Apprentice had to re-brand (insofar as I understood the brief, which I missed as the meeting finishes at 8.45 and I have to get back from Bognor) - anyway they had to re-brand English Sparkling Wine.

The obvious thing is to find a name for it as good as Champagne is for French Sparkling Wine.  Sadly, they didn't.

I would have called it "I Can't Believe Its Not Champagne!!"  

And my team probably would have won, especially if the other team could have been persuaded into an unfortunate anacronym on the lines of:  Sparkling Perfect English Wines.

Got to the meeting last night, as Captain Chauffeur was kind enough to fetch and carry me. And I have an emergency appointment at the hospital this afternoon which I am hoping might get me back on my feet.

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