Sunday, 27 May 2012

Back home and busy

Holidays are odd when you are retired.  I feel as if I am on holiday already, so why am I going away?

Got my legs back on the very last day in Wales...   Anyway, i am very grateful to have them. I am walking about slowly but much more easily.  We had a good journey down yesterday, under six hours. Spoke to Audrey and Jackie and emailed them oop North to say we were back.  Very hot. Beach and green is packed with holidaymakers.

Did 3 loads of washing, some ironing, a load of butterfly paperwork that had flown through the letterbox while we were away, caught up (more or less) on emails, drove myself to the Meeting (first time in weeks I have been able to drive) and hope to be back on the work with Audrey on Tuesday.  And we did a big shop - only just making it to the supermarket before it closed. Don't really like to do that, as the staff must be longing to shut up shop and get home, but we were too tired yesterday when we got back.

Aunt Bea arrives tomorrow.

I want to blog about Rosemoor when I catch up a bit, as it was such a lovely place.  And I want to recommend it.  It is run by a Dutch couple and beautifully organised.   It runs like clockwork and is so quiet and charming and smells of green grass and blossom.

The realtime Poetry Book has arrived at our publishers!   I have emailed them to say how many copies I want. I am longing to see it.

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