Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The House of Three Milks - the Sequel

"Sensible milk, silly milk and even sillier milk" snapped Captain Coffee as he juggled all our milks and the coffee machine this morning.  Once again, we are The House of Three Milks, as Bea is here for the week.

We are all invited to Tom and Jill's on Saturday night and will pick up Jacks en route.

As my knees have more or less come back online, I was out on the field service with Audrey this morning.  I took her to the bank first, and Bea hitched a lift to the shops with us. We then did about half of my May magazine route. I now have a couple of days to finish it before the next month.

The days, weeks, months, are hurtling past.  

Both Bea and I came back with strawberries, so i am making an Eton Mess tonight.  Although I will use greek yoghourt and not cream.  Cream is not kind to my arthritic joints.

It is so hot, I am exhausted after a morning out in the sun, and am struggling to keep awake.

Bea has bought us one of her beautiful silk paintings.  Its is all glowing greens and golds and makes me want to redecorate the whole flat around it.  

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