Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Penny suggested the headline for today's blog when I emailed her about the excitement on our beach. We had the bomb squad out and an explosion as something had washed up on the beach. Some kind of a phosporous shell!  We now have a big new seapool when the tide is out.

Another day housebound, but I think I am feeling a tiny bit better... can the new med finally be working.

The butterfly paperwork is done, dusted, and has flown off to the Post Office in the capable hands of Captain Butterfly.

I have been reading Joe Simpson's "Touching the Void".  Its still hard to see how he got back out of a crevasse and down a mountain with a shattered leg. But he did. And what a hero Simon Yates was.  If I should ever decide to take up climbing, then Simon is the partner I would want to climb with.

However, even if there wasn't the little matter of my knees and my being 175, life is too precious.

Apparently no-one else has ever successfully climbed the West face climb of Siula Grande.

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