Friday, 23 December 2011

What the doctor said to me when I had my tubes tilted

"Mrs Knight", he said, "I do think you ought to credit Victoria Wood with that line".  So, thank you Victoria, I do.   Anyway, as the doctor said to me when he pumped me full of stuff for my pain (arthritis pain) "I hope that helps."

It does. And thank you very much.  I managed to get to the Kingdom Hall last night and got to hear the talk from the Circuit Overseer, which was wonderful, all about how to protect and strengthen our faith.   That is so important.  Things are going to get worse before they get better, on a darkest hour before the dawn basis.

There has been another Earthquake in Christchurch!   That lovely city.  We have emailed Dorothy, hoping she is alright.  Valiant though she is, she and everyone there must still be in a state of shock from the last time.

The increasing of natural disasters worldwide is part of the sign Jesus told us to watch out for.   The fruitage of the rebellion in Eden is showing itself now as never before.  We have had two World wars within living memory.   But it does mean that our deliverance from the horrors of this present system of things on the earth is close at hand.

This has been a quiet day. We shopped early before the rush and have been packing and sorting, slowly getting ourselves ready to head oop North.  Weather forecast for tomorrow OK.

We are getting news in daily as various friends send their 2011 newsletters.  Todays included a card with news from Elizabeth, who I have known since she was five, and one from Ian and Cheryl in Oz.  We have some photos of the evening we spent on their lovely yacht in Chichester Harbour in The Captain's Log.

They sailed her safely to Oz!

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