Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Landmark Day

Today I began the first Bible study I have conducted in England.  I have had a few Bible students in my Expat days, but sadly none of them progressed. And I can now see what an ineffective teacher I was.  Although I must always remember that it is Jehovah's spirit that does all the hard work.

Anyway,  we (a brother and me) spent an hour there this morning, and started a study.  We are using the book "What Does the Bible Really Teach?"    And I was touched and happy to notice that the householder, who I have been calling on for about a year and a half now, had got his well-worn Bible out and was already into the second chapter, checking against his Bible as he went!

I had left him the book about a week ago.

The other lovely thing is that I won't be conducting the study myself, as I am doing it with a brother, so my householder will get a much better teacher.

I also got a chance of a talk with a young lady I have been calling on for about 6 months.  Not finding her at home, I had left a butterfly card, giving my contact details, in case she wanted to talk to me. And she did ring. Although it was because she couldn't think who it was who had left the card!

Anyway, we had a lovely talk and she seems very appreciative of the magazines I leave every month.

I then put my Butterfly Bureaucrat wings on and flew off and posted the membership packages, shopped, and  winged my way back home.  Captain Butterfly had a sandwich box lunch as he was off clearing woodlands for butterflies.

I actually went to bed this afternoon I was so tired.   I hope its nothing new and sinister. Its probably just the usual arthritis tiredness, surging back as the steroids wear off.

Which reminds me, I am under strict instructions from Captain Sensible to write to the hospital and see if they will give me another injection before our trip up North. I doubt they will, but I can ask.

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