Sunday, 14 February 2010

icicles that fret at noon

I couldn't think what to call my blog today, so have borrowed another line from John Clare's 'Shepherd's Calendar' - from the poem 'February - a Thaw'.

Thank you, John Clare. And it will be a priviledge to meet you in the restored earthly Paradise - IF I do.

I am sure John Clare will be there. The question is: Will I be?

We don't have icicles, but there was a sleet flurry this morning as I set off to drive to the Hall.

They have changed all the chairs at the Hall - so Maggie and I who have our own cosy corner, with 'our' chairs, will feel a bit at sea. It is probably a much needed shake up.

This awful cough seems to be turning into a conventional cold, which is a relief.

We had a lovely evening with Jackie on Friday -and she is cooking for us next Friday.

An internet friend from America has asked me to be his valentine. So I am all of a fluster. And I am just about to email back thanking him for making my day, but pointing out that I will be a rather elderly one.

And, in any case, we (Jehovah's Witnesses) don't celebrate it. It probably originates in the Roman festival called Lupercalia - which honoured Juno and Pan. So its something we would prefer to leave alone.

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