Monday, 22 February 2010

From the couch

The only times I have been out in the last week are to the two congregation meetings and for our usual Friday night round at Jackie's. She cooked us salmon, followed by lemon cheesecake and we had a fun evening, laughing about everything. I have at least managed to finish off the great mound of Christmas letters. While I don't celebrate it, I do try to reply to everyone's card and news. I have one final card to do - and a trip to the Post Office as these last are all the abroad ones. Then its done. In theory, I will then get back to my writing. Or trying to get some of my writing published. Even the Captain hasn't been out much - weather (wet) - no Treasure Hunts scheduled - but he has gone out a hunting for food and brought back the shopping. He hunted down a couple of pizzas for lunch the other day.
Dozing on my couch, I have never watched so much daytime telly. One minute Chris Tarrant is telling someone they are 15 questions away from a Million, and suddenly Hercule Poirot is fiercely questioning them - about the theft of a million? or a murder? - the carpet is very red and there are angry voices - but it isn't blood - its Colin and Justin mad as snakes because the red tiles for the kitchen aren't the right shade.
I have wimpily avoided the news and anything serious, but did see those terrifying floods in Madeira - many killed, many more made homeless. Being made homeless - in the middle of Winter... The power of water, and the impermanence of everything in this present system of things on the earth.
When Paradise is restored, we will be able to see and feel nature's power - perhaps as never before? - and be awed, amazed and delighted by it. But it will never hurt us.
Remember Jesus calming the storm? He was showing us that, as the one appointed by Jehovah as King of the kingdom, he will have power over the elements.

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