Friday, 12 February 2010

A beautiful card

A beautiful card arrived for me this morning. It was from Bea. And also from the Sussex collection - a view looking down to Eastbourne of a walk that she and Brian would do - summer and winter.

I hope they will be doing it again, when the time comes.

I had forgotten what day it was until the card arrived.

My other news is of Ginger Ice Cream. I am trying to make some. Jackie is coming round tonight for a beef chile so I thought that ice cream would make a good dessert.

Yesterday's batch turned into scrambled egg.

Today's batch seems to have worked, thank goodness. But now its a race against time to see if it sets before dessert time arrives - sometime this evening.

Which I cannot pretend is a major problem, given the news all around us, Haiti, the Congo, the never ending horrors emerging about abused children in the UK, the Middle East... there is no end to it.

We have surely proved beyond any reasonable doubt that when Jehovah warned us that 'it does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step', He was exactly right.

Why else do we pray for God's Kingdom to come?

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