Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Underwater Synchronised Tiddleywinks

Yes, we have been watching the Olympics. Captain Butterfly is presently watching the Rugby Sevens - takes him back to his schooldays.   And he has taken a great interest in some sport - Synchronised Tiddleywinks? - that involves lots of young ladies in skimpy bikinis throwing themselves about on the beach.  I think there is a net and a ball involved, but I am not sure if he noticed that.

I have been enjoying the cycling and the swimming.    

Jean and I have just been out on some calls - driving and walking, not cycling and swimming- and she says she will always come out with me after the meeting on Sunday, which will be so helpful.   Its quite a struggle to make myself get out there again, but the pain in my "good" shoulder is subsiding a bit, so I must.  The horror of that fall keeps coming back to me and makes me want to stay at home, wrapped safely in a box of cotton wool.

The meeting at the Kingdom Hall tomorrow night should be very helpful, as we will be covering his topic:
Thriving Spiritually in Old Age

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