Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Fighting my way through the crowds of moths outside the front door - see Captain Butterfly's blogpost - I made it to Waitrose and brought back a large haul:

My talk - the whole 2 minutes of it - has been giving me a lot of anxiety. I am at the stage where I think it is completely hopeless, not at all to the point of counsel - and that we will both forget our lines anyway.  I have to remind myself that I always feel like this at this stage. But then I lie awake thinking, yes, but maybe this time I am right and it is...  why do we do this to ourselves?

We - Jean and I - visited Maggie today. She talks a lot about the old days in the Kingdom Hall, and how much she loved being there - and asked us to give everyone her love, which we will tomorrow night. Though of course a lot of us visit her regularly anyway, but she can't always remember.

The Roger is at his daughter's until Monday, and Philip and Seppi arrive from Bavaria tomorrow.

It has been very hot - and the gallant Captain B has been painting the garage door.

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