Thursday, 18 August 2016

A Captured Moment

When I used to write poems/verse, part of the reason was to capture the moment as it flew by,  I had become more and more conscious of how short our lives are, how they go almost before we know it.

And this is a moment I captured from my late thirties,

 by me

A blue spotted fish, swimming on the step,
Seeing me, nervously backs off
A turtle, rising out of the green deep,
Stares at me, and swiftly sinks away.
He’s worried that I might attempt to hold him
And all the thoughts that come up in my head
Melt just as quickly into heat
Before I can stir myself to know them.

Its an undigested poem/verse really - but it brings back something that would have vanished along with most moments. I was sitting on steps that led down into the big river - the mother of water - that runs through the steamy heat of Bangkok, rafts of weed were floating past, and amazing fish kept appearing and disappearing on the watery steps below my feet.  

I was on my own. I don't know where Captain B or our Thai friends were.  On my own except for the recurring fish and watery creatures that came and went.

Now that I hope to live forever in the restored earthly Paradise, it will be a different impulse that makes me write, if indeed I do write.   IF I am there.

Jean and I visited Maggie yesterday- and hope to restart the regular Wednesday visits now that I am much more mobile. She is always so pleased to see us, so it gives us all a boost.   And The Roger is staying off and on for the next 3 weeks, as getting the necessary paperwork done is proving more complex than expected - due to a sudden rule change that seems to have taken even the Embassy staff by surprise.

Today I must get the outline of my talk for next Thursday together.  It is the first call talk, so only needs to last about 3 mins, but it means I have to juggle with bag, magazine and brochure while standing up and delivering a talk

And I am one of those hapless people who can't chew gum and walk at the same time.

One of the many many things I look forward to in the restored earthly Paradise is being graceful and co-ordinated.  And yes Captain Butterfly, if you are reading this, that will be a miracle. Absolutely. But its amazing what Jehovah can do.

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