Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The New Knee Versus the Old

My knees are not working in harmony at the moment and I am hobbling about very lopsided, having occasionally to revert to crutches/zimmer frame. And my physio is sick and has had to cancel her visit today. I can have someone else in, but think I would like to stick with Diana. She is lovely. And also I know how busy they are, especially with someone off sick.

The sun glinted through the gloom this morning and there was a swift rustle of wings, a blur of cameras, the disappearance of the box of sandwiches from the fridge, and Captain Butterfly is nowhere to be found.

I am still mired in butterfly paperwork - I have a production line going on the kitchen table, and hope to get everything parcelled up today.

It is really sunny now.  A lovely Autumn day.  The balcony geraniums are blazing away - red and lilac, though our indoor plants, the orchids are not doing so well at the moment.


  1. geraniums are lovely, eh?
    they're even nicer than in may;
    please please my sue
    she favours you
    and waft her spirit up today.

    1. Thank you Izzy for writing a poem for me!

      And it has lifted my spirit, just as the geraniums do.

      The beauty of the creation is so reassuring, telling us as it does of the qualities of its Grand Creator, Jehovah, the God of Abraham.

      How beautiful he has made everything. Living by the English Channel, seeing it every day, I am constantly reminded of the beauty and the power of water. And how interesting it is, never the same from moment to moment.

      Could we ever get tired of being on the earth? I want to be here a thousand years from now, watching the sun rise over the sea.

      I hope all is well with you and family.

      We are still loving our retirement, in spite of health problems and credit crunch.

      Have you ever read Tennyson's poem "In Memoriam"?

      love Sue