Sunday, 6 October 2013

An Odd Thing

Its an odd thing, but my culinary triumph last night was not the stir fry ginger chicken and the egg fried rice, which took me quite a bit of time and trouble,  it was the cheese straws that I hastily made at the last moment, as I realised I had forgotten to put crisps/nuts on the shopping list I gave the Captain.

They didn't look elegant, but they tasted lovely - though I says it myself as shouldn't - and every single one was eaten.

A fun evening, but it always is with Jackie, even though nowadays, we find ourselves talking about the strangeness of finding ourselves in old age.  But we always agree that, much as we would love to be young again, we would only go back knowing then what we know now.

Of course that is what I hope for us all, that we will be restored to perfect health in the Paradise earth - we will be living instead of dying, as we are now.

I am just about to go and dial in so I can listen to the meeting - lovely Watchtower article helping us to continue putting spiritual things first, with a public talk to start with - Why we should live by Bible principles.  It is a beautiful sunny day so far which is good as Captain Butterfly has his Treasure Hunting cap on, and is off out into the Sussex wilderness with his metal detector and packed lunch.

We will soon be adding to our ring pull hoard.

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