Monday, 8 August 2011

A weekend

Hard not to think this weekend - with parts of London burning and, apparently, looting going on in broad daylight - of the Bible's warning of the increasing lawlessness at "the time of the end".  The end of this present system of things on the earth, not the end of the lovely earth itself.

And if we are heading for another financial crash as bad, or worse, as that of the great depression, that is going to trigger some awful things.

Where is all the money vanishing to?

Did it exist in the first place?

However this is supposed to be my internet diary not The Thoughts of Chairman Sue.

We had lunch with the cousins at Linda's on Saturday. She provided us with a wonderful lunch and some homemade chocolate cake to take home.  It was delicious, thank you Linda.   Sunday was the meeting at the Hall, with a talk about the importance of the witnessing work.  And I did manage a couple of return visits on my way home.  Then I did a load of washing and shopped.  

Bea arrives today, David and Shirley for lunch tomorrow, Dan and Gabi tomorrow or Wednesday and Tom, Jill and Jackie for dinner on Friday.  I am going to make chile as I can expand that depending on how many people are here then.

I sometimes think we should have bought a bigger place for retirement, as we have only two bedrooms.

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