Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Tuesday field service

Audrey and I shopped first and then went to the Group and then on to do some of our August magazine route.  Its better to do many of mine at a weekend when I can find them in, but it looks like a busy month with lots of visitors so I thought I had better get them delivered asap.  We did find two people at home, and they were welcoming and glad to have the magazines.

I am highlighting the Learn From God'sWord article in The Watchtower this month, as it includes this question: Why do so many religions claim to be Christian?

We heard from Dave and Maggie today - they plan to visit the UK - first time in 4 years - so we hope we will be seeing them.  We still have some of their stuff here, including two coats.  They ask if we want anything bringing from Bangkok, but we can't think of anything.  A crate of wonderful Thai mangoes would be nice, but hardly reasonable.

Didn't seem to do a lot yesterday beyond housework and studying.

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