Monday, 28 December 2009

the year comes to an end

The year is coming to its end. We - the Captain, Bea and me - are just back from our trip up North. It was the perfection of Winter on Thursday. We woke up to thick snow, snow on the trees, squirrels, and many birds on the feeders. Even parakeets - who are a new arrival in my Northern hometown.

It was a nice family time. Everyone managed to negotiate the fact that I don't actually celebrate Christmas anymore.

The three little girls seemed to have a good day. Nute has it all well organised. Jen and Kathryn came over the next day - and Helen dropped by to show us the boots she got in the Sales. They were gorgeous - but she does have a model figure and long model legs.

I managed to develop a horror of a cold on the way up so had to miss out on the trip to see Janie and Mrs.Lee, but the Captain went. And I was only able to talk to Willhelm on the phone. But it was lovely to hear her voice.

Sometimes I do wish we could have the days back when we all lived in one town, and our aged parents were with us again, but just try to tell myself that it was wonderful that we did when we did, and be thankful for that.

As long as we all meet up in the restored earthly Paradise.... when the time comes.

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