Thursday, 3 December 2009

a stormy start to winter

December arrived with cold rain and storms. I feel a bit flat as my visitors have now left. I took No.1 sister to the station on Tuesday, and No.2 sister yesterday. A new bit of driving for me - and I had to reverse into the station car park space - there were plenty of spaces or I could not have attempted it. i ended up parked across two of them, but as it was only for a quick goodbye it didn't matter.

They are both so busy, so I am grateful they came. We had a lovely time and I even cooked. I must get back to cooking actually especially now its winter.

I now have a short story to finish - today!

Plus a blood test, and the meeting at the Hall tonight.

Captain Butterfly has appeared on my computer screen every afternoon, looking brown and happy, very brightly coloured (tropical shirts), and with palms waving in the background. His blog is full of the wonders of the Indian Ocean.

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