Wednesday 18 April 2018

The Writer's Workshop

Monday was my first ever day at Writer's Workshop. Just the 3 of us, Nute, Penny and me, and a big big house all to ourselves.    We finished today, Wednesday. And I have to say it works well.  I am back in the world of the book I have been working at since the Millennium, and have shrunk it a lot. But realise how much more work it needs.

My two fellow writers have got their new thrillers underway.  And today we rescued an exhausted bee - two doses of sugar water, with a rest in between and it flew off.

Fish and chips tonight.

And I have sent today's Scriptural Thought to a fb friend.  It seems so exactly what she needs to hear at the moment.  I am hoping to find a response on my page.  It is, of course, exactly what I need to hear too.

Wednesday, April 18

Keep conquering the evil with the good.​—Rom. 12:21.
Even if we had a difficult childhood or if our present circumstances seem hopeless, we need to keep contending and persevering. We can trust that if we do so, Jehovah will bless us. (Gen. 39:21-23) Think of a situation that you are facing and that may be a trial for you. Perhaps it is some type of injustice, prejudice, or ridicule. Or the trial you face may be that someone falsely accuses you, perhaps out of jealousy. Rather than drop your hands in defeat, remember what enabled Jacob, Rachel, and Joseph to continue serving Jehovah with joy. God strengthened and blessed them because they kept on showing deep appreciation for spiritual things. They kept on contending and acting in harmony with their earnest prayers. We are living close to the end of the present wicked system of things; thus, we have strong reason to hold on to the firm hope set before us! Are you willing to exert yourself to gain Jehovah’s favor?

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