Friday 3 November 2023

My Movie Debut

MABLE - Fantastic Books Massive Autumn Book Launch ends on Saturday. And I understand that me and my bro will be appearing in a 10 minute video in the first event, the Launch of Kaleidoscope at 2:00 p.m.

The links are here:

The link becomes live at 2:00 p.m tomorrow. and will remain on Youtube if anyone wants to see my dazzling movie debut. If you watch it, look out for the lovely creature who looks like Kate Moss (only better). That won't be me.

The bee photo heading the blog is because a line from an old song or nursery rhyme (I can't remember which) has been going maddeningly through my head: "And I will bake a honey cake..." Presumably because one of Monday's projects was to try out the honey cake recipe in the Olivia Potts column in the current Spectator. The York Branch of the family have taken up beekeeping - they have a large garden - and gave us two pots of delicious honey. So I thought I would have a go.

It has turned out well - and I think it is one of those cakes that will get better with keeping - it is all portioned up in the freezer now, awaiting its turn in the packed lunches.

There must be a cake vibe travelling through the universe as I have just been asked if I can bake some cakes for an upcoming elders meeting. So I have decided to make a fruit cake - the usual boil and bake one from my Cranks Recipe book - plus the marmalade muffins (same book) - they are sturdy unglamorous cakes, but they do taste good if you follow the recipe.  As they are for our hard-working elders, I can only hope they will taste especially good.

Poor Col is still limping and in quite a bit of pain during the nights. He is not getting his usual full eight hours sleep, which is having an effect. 

On the last day of the month we got a Storm Warning from the Management Company, asking us to make sure we got all the tables and chairs off our balcony before Storm Ciaran hit us on Wednesday. They didn't issue any such warnings about the storm just gone, so presumably this one was forecast to be a lot worse.

On Wednesday, the first day of November, the bonfire was burning merrily away - a whole load of people in Hi-viz gear having come to light it on Tuesday, presumably before the storm hit and blew wood all over the Green.  I had a phone appointment with the GP first thing - it was about my blood pressure. 

By Wednesday evening the storm was roaring outside, and on Thursday morning one of our geraniums had been torn from its moorings. But otherwise, on the face of it, all seemed OK, apart from there being flood warnings in many places. Jersey and Cornwall both seem to have been hit very badly though. There is a startling little video on fb from the Channel Isles showing roofs flying into the air as the storm hit!

Anyway, I must go off and hastily buy myself a designer frock so I can watch my Showbiz debut tomorrow afternoon in style.  Problem:  I wouldn't know a designer label if I fell over it.

As for the News... it just get worse and worse and the situation in the Middle East is now spreading to many other countries, which is why I want to say as little about it as possible and not add (a bonfire image here) any more fuel to the fire.  But what a tragic mess it all is, and it weighs extra hard on both the children and the animal creation, who are so blameless and powerless in this.  It comes back to having a government that has the love, power and the wisdom to teach us to live in peace with each other - the Kingdom of God, the heavenly one.

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