Sunday, 13 November 2016

From The Spectator

Delighted to find this in the Books of the Year review, in my current Speccie.

A.N.Wilson chose Michael Denton's Evolution:Still a Theory in Crisis.  Apparently its a sequel to his Evolution:A Theory in Crisis, and A.N.Wilson says:

"This takes us up to date with the dazzling developments of life scientists over the last 30 years. Denton is a sceptic about Darwin's theory of evolution on purely scientific grounds.  It is hard to see how anyone reading his book could not be persuaded. Palaeontology provides abundance evidence of evolution within species, but none of one species morphing into another. Denton is fascinatingly clear in his exposition of the science of genetics, and how it destroys the Darwinian position, A truly great book."

So happy to read this, as this is what we are trying and trying to tell people.  Science supports the Genesis view of creation, not the Darwinian theory of evolution.   And there are immense implications if Genesis is the true story of us.

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