Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Back to my diary

I think I'll give up the diving and get back to the day job.  I spoke to Captain Scuba yesterday by Skype and he assures me they haven't seen any scampi yet.

I am not so sure - I know those fabulous Maldivian buffets well.

The curries!

I lunched off crisps and a choc ice.   With my Better Half away I am behaving like a child let loose in a sweet shop.

Audrey and I did half an hour this morning, on her magazine route, plus one my return visits (not at home).  I left a 'Does God really Care?' brochure with this lady many months ago, but have never found her at home since.
We then went on to visit Maggie, who, thank goodness, is doing very well after her op.

Just off for my swim and then its a quiet day in with (hopefully) some studying and a big Kitchen clean up

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